HYPE X Bryzoid

" VISUAL MEMORY is a collection that speaks on the ability to remember or recall information such as activities, pictures, or words that have been viewed in the past. It's a flashback of emotions and attachment to a particular time and place where memories were created. The collection draws inspiration from 90s filmography, photography and music influences through the eye of Bryzoid. The concept of photography is to see beauty in chaos. “

  • 精選
  • 暢銷度
  • 依字母順序 (由 A 到 Z)
  • 依字母順序 (由 Z 到 A)
  • 價格 (從低到高)
  • 價格 (從高到低)
  • 日期 (從舊到新)
  • 日期 (從新到舊)